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​Will added phosphates always be listed on ingredient labels?

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Nope, not in the US. Added phosphates won't always be listed on the ingredient labels. Added phosphates can be added to raw meat, raw poultry and dairy without any mention on food labels.


Organic chicken is likely to be better, but it's not guaranteed to be phosphate free because inorganic phosphates are considered organic by the USDA.

When buying raw chicken I look for packages that say "no added salts" or "not injected". Since phosphates are salts this should be OK, however there's no laws enforcing it.


There is no USDA requirement to include added phosphates on the ingredient list for dairy products. The reasoning is dairy contains a lot of organic phosphorous, so there's no need to inform the public of added inorganic phosphates. [source coming]

I'm pretty sure Haagen Dazs chocolate with chocolate bars contains inorganic phosphates. It's not listed on the label, but I had reflux after eating these bars 3 separate times.


... more info and sources coming ...

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